What is Konturra Konturra is a cloud-based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, which allows you to offer new services (online backup and a system health monitoring) to your existing or potential new clients.


Is Konturra for you

If you are:

  • from an IT/software development company selling your own software/services
  • from a company that sells IT equipment or third party software (e.g., antivirus software or ERP/POS solutions)
  • in the computer maintenance business
  • an IT admin responsible for workstation/server maintenance in your own company or for your clients/customers, or
  • just someone who gets paid by your clients for IT-related stuff.
and if you:
  • have tens, hundreds or thousands of clients in the same city or on another continent,
than - YES, Konturra is the right solution for you.

What are your benefits

Konturra is truly a plug-and-play solution—without extra hassle and development, without additional investment and with no extra marketing effort, you can:

  • establish stronger ties with existing clients
  • have quicker reaction times and a proactive approach
  • offer new services
  • gain extra profit through cross-selling

What's Behind the Story

The Whole Idea... What It is About

Our goal was to create a solution that would help IT companies to offer new services to their clients.

Watch the video or check out our blog "The Idea Behind Konturra.". If you like what you see and would like to try it for yourself, start our free trial.

Need more information? Check out the features and how Konturra really works.