Having a PC alert and system monitor installed in your computer will help you troubleshoot a slow PC. Get a technician to service your computer unless you have the capability to service it yourself.

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Seeking out a remote PC monitoring system is the first thing to do when you want to keep on top of your PC system’s health. It will alert you of any threats to the system and better yet, a good system will help you troubleshoot the slow PC to determine what is ailing it. A slow PC can be quite annoying, especially when you are trying to submit an overdue report or working on other time-sensitive tasks. Thankfully, this can be fixed. Getting a new PC is not practical when you are on a tight budget. In that instance, the following steps will come to your rescue:

  • If push comes to shove, reinstall everything. This is a tedious and severe process, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Delete all cookies, internet history and cache from the browser.

  • Let your PC breathe. Just like humans, computers can act up because of being overworked and in such a situation, leaving it alone for a few minutes can give you better productivity.

  • Avoid downloading and installing programs that you are not sure of. If anything, you should get rid of those startup programs that are obsolete as well as any unused software.

  • Free up the disk space in your PC and clean up your PC’s registry.

  • Defragment your PC and check the RAM indicators .

  • Blow the dust out of your PC.

Monitor running processes

With Windows update remote monitoring, it will be easy to keep your system under check if it runs on a Windows operating system. You do not have to be near your system to know when it is overwhelmed because you can “watch” it even when you are on the go. In addition, if you install monitoring software, it can alert you when your computer gets too slow with messages to clear your disk space, clean up your registry and so on.

One of the basic steps of troubleshooting a slow PC is to get rid of the temporary files that are gathered as you browse the web and are stored in your hard drive. Tracking CPU usage through the task manager can also help you see what is eating up your PC space and to get rid of it.

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