The only way to monitor Windows Update to determine whether any updates are up for installation is to first log in to the server using the win log service.

While automatic Windows updates are a welcome idea to computer owners, it is advisable that you ensure that they are always up and running as expected. You will find that various organizations have patch management software in place while others outsource for WSUS to ensure that their infrastructure is always updated.

Windows updates are so important if you want to keep your machine operational all the time. For example, your computer can update any outdated drivers so that you can enjoy a much better service. The good thing is that you can set your computer to download updates whenever you connect to the internet. That way, you will never be at risk of forgetting to make the updates.

Is every update for Windows important? Maybe yes, maybe no, but that is why you need to monitor Windows updates. Updates can also assist you to get a Remote PC monitoring alert so you can know when your PC health is under threat, even from your Smartphone.

You can download updates for later manual installation so that you can choose what to install and what to discard. You may choose to utilize the WSUS if you can afford it, but know that this patch management software is disk hungry and therefore it could drain your computer resources.

The importance of active monitoring for Windows updates

  • It enables users to enjoy accuracy, relevance and quality time on their PC.

  • It protects PC users from looming hazards and enables them to employ control measures where and when necessary.

No one is safe from virus and spyware

Those with one server do not necessarily need to log in all the time as this can prove to be a daunting task and a time-waster. You can use Windows update remote monitoring so that you can monitor the updates even when you are not in the office.

While a good number of PC users feel that they are immune to virus and spyware, no one is safe from the malicious tendencies that it brings. Every day, thousands of organizations and individuals fall victim to virus and spyware. Do not be one of the statistics.