What is the idea behind Konturra? How and why did we start this project? What did we want to achieve?

We, Raverus, the authors of Konturra solutions, have more than two and a half thousand clients, and our other solutions are up-and-running on tens of thousands of computers. Far more than a few times we have heard from our clients that they lost all their data because of a hard drive failure, flood, stolen laptop... The only thing we could do to help them was to ask if they had a backup. For us, as a software development company, it is unimaginable that we don't have a backup of our data, but the answer from our clients in most cases was “No, we don't have a backup.“

Looking at a relatively large number of clients in the situation of losing all their files, it seemed natural to find a solution to this problem. A few years ago, we started a search for a backup solution that would be centralized, that we could administer and manage everything from one place and that we didn’t need to go physically from client to client and set up a backup procedure since they are spread all across the country (more about One-click installation). So, the first issue was to find a system simple enough that clients could start the backup procedure by themselves, and the second issue was definitely to offer them a solution that was not pricey. So we thought that cross-selling is a great idea – we just need to find that kind of solution, start offering it to our clients and keep some extra profit for ourselves (check How to calculate your profit)? Surprisingly – and it was really a surprise – we couldn't find that kind of a solution. So, what else could a software development company like us do but develop its own solution? That is how Konturra was born. We offered two services to our clients through Konturra – online backup and system health monitoring and finally started successful cross-selling.

Let's be clear – we are not a company that maintains computers, we are not system administrators, and this is not even close to our core business. We are an experienced software development company and what we definitely know is how to make rock-solid, reliable and useful software and that what Konturra is, reliable, simple and useful software.

Yes, we started this project because of ourselves. Sorry, but at the start, other IT companies and system administrators, you, were not even remotely in our scope. We just wanted to offer something more to our clients that would bring us more profit, something that would be really useful but affordable to our clients, that would assure our clients that they could count on us. And you, system administrators, yeah, you came in the picture later when we realized that we are probably not alone – if we need something, there are probably a lot of others that need the same thing. All in all, if a few years ago (when we were searching for a simple solution for backup administration and reselling) we ran into a solution such is Konturra, we would have taken hold of it. We wouldn't have bothered to develop it from scratch, testing it, polishing it.... Yes, you can try it :) - Go with your free trial.