Difference between Online Backup and Data Sync Services

Description: Online backup and data sync are like two sides of the same coin. However, they have some differences. What are these differences?

One question that is often asked by many people is the difference between online backup and sync services. Nowadays the term “sync” tends to come up in conversations about data as well as many other forums. For big organizations that generate large volumes of data, it is important to understand sync solutions and backup. Let us analyze the pros and the cons of both backup options.

Differences between backup and sync services

To begin with, data sync enables you to write your file once and modify it as many times as needed. The data is stored in the cloud, where you will be able to make any necessary changes and also share it if you want. In this case, the integrity of the data is not of primary importance but rather the fact that the data is backed up.

On the other hand, backup focuses on the primary version of the file except for in the case of an incremental backup. The cloud is used in online backup for disaster recovery and security. The cloud hosts read only copies of different versions of each file.

It is critical that you seek the most secure online backup. Most importantly, ensure that you have a reliable remote backup for your clients’ information. There is a lot of information surrounding remote backup and data sync services, but what you have learned here should go a long way in increasing your understanding of these services.