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What's in it for you

Meet Konturra! A completely managed plug-and-play solution for services that you can offer to your clients TODAY with no extra hassle, extra development, or extra marketing effort and... no upfront expenses.

Professional And Reliable Online Backup For Businesses

Through completely free Konturra admin console, you as our partner vendor, can start Azure based professional online backup service on your client's endpoints (workstations and servers) in one-click installation of an agent (easy seeding), having a top-notch security (Microsoft Azure hosting) and having the most competitive prices (at least four times cheaper than other business online backup providers).

Remote System Monitoring Of Every Endpoint

Using the same management point - Konturra console, with one simple click on your client's endpoint, you can get all information about this endpoint's critical system assets (processors, disk health, memory usage, Windows performance etc.). From the comfort of your own office, conveniently monitor your client's endpoints and proactively react if there is any alert triggered.

Management And Administration In One Place

So you and your clients might have some kind of semi-solution for backup and system monitoring. But... what about management and control over these processes. There comes Konturra free administration console! From one single web-based user friendly console you manage both services, all your end users (clients, customers, prospects), all their endpoints (PCs, laptops, servers), all settings policies and all reports.

Presale / Sale / Postsale Support And Advices

If you have trouble to introduce new services to your current clients or prospects, use our prewritten e-mails with implemented interactive yes/no buttons, send them in bulk to your clients and start service in a minute. To up-scale number of end users - look at our best practices guides, to set right prices - look at our competition comparison chart. That is why we say: LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!

What's Behind the Story

The Whole Idea... What It is About

Our goal was to create a solution that would help IT companies to offer new services to their clients. The plan was to start with two services: online backup and system health monitoring.

These services would require an agent to be deployed on the client PC and our major concern was to build a scalable solution that could serve many devices. Mission Accomplished!

How it works

From telling your client about your new service to activation of service in just a few minutes! Start cross-selling with a minimum personal or professional engagement.

Set your own pricing and target audience

Decide what group of your clients and prospects you want to introduce new services, set your own prices you will charge them for those services, send them our prewritten interactive introductory e-mail and you are ready to get your first orders!

Start the service in one-click installation

Set general policy settings and storage quotas, create installation link and send it to your client(s). Since installation of an agent is simple and done in one-click, end users can easily install it on workstation or server.

Control everything from one point

Keep an eye on installation statuses, storage, monitoring alerts and new orders in web-based Konturra console. Various useful dashboards, overviews and reports will make your part of managing clients, endpoints and services easier.

Charge your clients and make extra profit

At the end of the month, don't forget to charge your customers for services they use. There is a special Charges report that will make easier for you to calculate all charges. Remember, you set your own prices and rules!

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